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The world has changed, getting customers to come to you has become more about building communities around your business. Engaging with customers on social media is time consuming and can be business ending if done incorrectly.

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How important is Social Media.

Many people realise that social media is a new way of talking to your customers but under-estimate how important it is to their customers.

Social Media is a simple way to communicate with your customers. If your customer sent you an email would you respond?

More people than ever will research a product online before buying. That includes feedback from customers on social media.

Social media is a great way to gather feedback on new products or services. It can also tell you what services make you unique or what your customers sore points are..

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How do you know what to post?

Digital Peak has experience posting and building communities for business. Each platform has a unique style for engaging with the users, whether it is #tags, video, information or competitions, getting it right increases your businesses visibility.

To make sure the posts reflect your business we schedule quarterly catch ups where we plan with you what to post. This is then scheduled for your final approval.

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